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In April 2012 I participated in a beekeeping consultancy with Winrock Internation to assist the beekeepers in Nialeya Village, Faranah Province, Guinea with their beekeeping.

The beekeepers extract honey at night in the belief that they will be stung less than during the day. In addition, the beekeepers harvest honey while nude, in the belief that the bees will not become entangled in their clothing and therefore sting less.


Gerry Veley, beekeeping consultant... available to consult about beekeeping anywhere in the world and has recently been consulting in the Far East and Africa.

In December 2011, he participated in a consultancy in Bangladesh for Winrock International. This consultant meet with project beekeepers to discuss beekeeping problems and offer possible solutions to those problems. The classroom sessions were augmented with trips to the field to view hives, identify problems and discuss possible solutions. Those problems included: Crystallization, Bee Diseases, Bee Medications, Mite Mitigation Through Manual Removal, Honey/Extraction Cleanliness, Water Content of Honey, Marketing and Sales.

beekeeping consultantIn January of 2010 Mr. Veley was contracted by the Lao National Tourism Administration, GMS-Sustainable Tourism Development Project for 3 distinct inputs to provide technical assistance for the improvement of local honey production for the beekeepers in the target villages of Poung Pha and Tou Lae, Bokeo Province, Laos.

During this period, he assessed the status of the indigenous beekeeping, surveyed other assistance programs in the region, assessed the strengths and weaknesses of village beekeeping practices and identified opportunities for improving these practices. He also provided basic training to project staff, district extension officers, and village-based peer trainers, which allowed them to initiate short-term improvements within the first season.

To take advantage of the many opportunities for improving the quality of the honey, and to allow villagers to maximize their returns, it was necessary to provide on-going support in technical, material and marketing areas through at least the ensuing season, if not longer. Mr. Veley also introduced project members to other beekeeping improvement programs in the region and helped them to network to important sources of future information, materials and marketing opportunities.

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